So you’ve received your NordBord – now let’s set it up.

This video will step you through the basics of:

  • assembling your NordBord;
  • creating your DashBord cloud account;
  • setting up your ScoreBord testing app; and
  • running and viewing your first test.

Before getting started with your NordBord, it’s best to understand how its precision sensors work. Find out how to ensure you’re always getting the best out of your NordBord here:

This video will step you through assembling your NordBord hardware.

Once your NordBord is set up, you’ll want to set an accurate Knee Position for your Players.

This video will step you through:

  • why setting up the Knee Position is a good idea;
  • how Knee Position helps calculate torque;
  • how the Knee Position helps your Players set up for tests more quickly and easily; and
  • how to select the correct Knee Position for your Players.

Once your NordBord is up and running and your Players are entered into the system, you can set up Groups.

This video will step you through

  • Creating Groups
  • Assigning Players and Admins to Groups
  • Managing Group permissions

In ScoreBord version 1.2, we’ve introduced the powerful new Results Bar.

This video will step you through

  • What you can view on the Results Bar
  • Why the Results Bar is so valuable
  • How to set Baselines and Targets on the Results Bar
  • How to edit Moving Averages

Once you’ve run some Tests, you’ll want to have a look at how your Players and team are progressing. We’ve introduced some new filters to help with accessing your team’s data.

This video will show you how to use these filters to get to the information you need quickly and easily.

As well as testing and screening, the NordBord can be used for training in a number of different exercises.

TIP: place your laptop in front of the Player to give them real-time feedback during training exercises.