The GroinBar (patent pending) is a fast, modular, portable and repeatable system for testing hip adduction and abduction strength, as well as a host of other muscle groups.

The New Standard in Hip Testing

  • Faster than a handheld dynamometer.
  • More accurate than a blood pressure cuff.
  • Measure adduction and abduction in the same test.
David Joyce

David Joyce

Head of Athletic Performance, GWS Giants

“We use the NordBord and GroinBar for preseason screening, weekly testing, training and rehab, and use the data we get from them in combination with our other key metrics such as running load and flexibility to inform our weekly training plans.”

GWS Giants

Vald Performance Systems:

NordBord and GroinBar

Vald Performance Client Since:

2016 season (NordBord) / 2017 season (GroinBar)

Why do you use Vald Performance systems?

There are a few key reasons why we choose to use the NordBord and GroinBar:

Real-Time Biofeedback: Feedback is critical for educating our players and helping them understand their bodies, and ScoreBord allows us to provide this in a number of different areas.

Objective Data: We also rely more and more on data to drive our decisions, and the NordBord and GroinBar provide us with objective data in several key areas of performance.

Ultimately, what I try to drill into my staff is that collecting data is all well and good, but only if we do something with it. The NordBord and GroinBar give us data that we put to use every day.

How do you use Vald Performance systems at GWS?

We use the NordBord and GroinBar in a few different ways:

Screening: Team-wide Nordic / glute-ham (NordBord) and adduction/abduction (GroinBar) testing occurs at start/end of preseason, plus a few timepoints in-season.

Training: If a player has an imbalance, we’ll use ScoreBord to provide them real-time feedback as they train, helping them appreciate why they’re doing what we’re asking them to do.

Rehabilitation: We use the NordBord not only for hamstring injury rehab, but also for other injuries (for example, even ankle sprains!) where the athlete may be at risk of losing hamstring strength as a by-product of sitting on the sidelines.

Weekly Testing Battery: The GroinBar forms part of our weekly tesing battery – we have players perform a GroinBar 45° adduction/abduction test along with a Thomas Test, active leg raise, slump test and knee-to-wall test. In the GroinBar test we’re looking primarily at peak force and percentage imbalance between limbs.

Are there specific numbers you’re looking for in your testing?

We primarily look to the published literature (for example, for the NordBord we reference Opar et al, 2015) to inform the targets we set for our players. We work off a couple of principles to ensure we’re setting smart, realistic guidelines:

Team-Wide: We want to see all our players above the published risk thresholds for hamstring and groin strength, and we add +10% to these numbers as we like to set the bar for our players a little bit higher.

Intra-Player: We also compare each player to themselves over time, and reference back to their preseason screening results as a baseline. We consider +/- 10% variation to be ok, and a drop of more than 10% is something we’ll take a look at.

Do you look for interactions between Vald Performance systems and other data you collect?

We would never intervene or change our plans based on one metric alone, so we’re constantly montioring how changes in our NordBord and GroinBar results correlate with some of our other key metrics, such as:

Running loads

Wellness reports

Any existing injury concerns

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Standardise test Positions

Modular carrier system allows for dozens of positions to be standardised and tested repeatably

Test isometric hip adduction/abduction strength in all common positions

groinbar hip abduction
groinbar hip abduction
groinbar hip abduction

Test hip strength in a range of unique positions (hip flexion, hip internal/external rotation and more)

groinbar hip strength
groinbar hip strength
groinbar hip strength

Portable GroinBar Unit

Unclips from frame and fits in a backpack, allowing quick, easy and comparable testing when traveling

ScoreBord Data Collection App

DashBord Cloud-based Analytics Platform

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