Powerful, portable and affordable, HumanTrak is the world's first 3D camera and IMU-combined motion capture and analysis system.


Powerful, portable and affordable, HumanTrak is the world's first 3D camera and IMU-combined motion capture and analysis system.


HumanTrak’s patented fusion of 3D camera and IMU data

delivers superior positional accuracy

Dean Phelps

Physiotherapist, Fighting Fit Physiotherapy

“Clinically, we use the HumanTrak for all of our ankle and ACLR rehabilitation. We use it to test performance and also to re-train movement, control, balance, jumping and landing mechanics in rehab.”

Vald Performance Systems:

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Why do you use Vald Performance Systems?

We use the Vald Performance systems for baseline testing, outcome measures, training and rehabilitation purposes. It is a great way to show our clientele that what we do makes a difference and to demonstrate what they need to work on.

Are there specific numbers you’re looking for in your testing?

We use HumanTrak, the NordBord and the GroinBar to predominantly look for changes in performance over time, assess imbalances side-to-side and also use the systems to provide visual feedback on muscle activation and force production during rehab or training. This allows patients to essentially “self-assess” relative to the goals we give them while being tested.

How are Vald Performance Systems typically used in an appointment?

Clinically, we use the HumanTrak for all of our ankle and anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR) rehabilitation. We will use it to test performance and also to train through the different phases of patients’ rehab. This helps with re-training movement, control, balance and in later stages of rehab, jumping and landing mechanics.

We will also use the NordBord for both maximum voluntary isometric contractions (MVIC) and eccentric measures of hamstring strength post ACLR (hamstring graft) and the GroinBar for MVIC for ankle inversion and eversion strength post injury.

Are there any other unique ways you use Vald Performance Systems?

Absolutely. We have built in our own treatment protocols, tests and outcome meausres in HumanTrak. We also regularly use the Nordbord and GroinBar for training and visual feedback for patients when we are building strength. We also use them in early-stage injury management to demonstrate the current load capacity of an injured tissue and use it as a benchmark to progress from.

Is there anything you’ve changed or modified based on the data you get from Vald Performance Systems?

We have changed the way we clinically manage and treat our hamstring injuries using the NordBord and the results have been great. Patients also feel confident that they can return to sport with less fear of reinjury. It has taken the guess work out of rehab and return to play for us.

With some imagination and fun, we’ve found we can really improve your clinical outcomes, but also improve patient adherence to exercise programs and compliance with return-to-sport recommendations. Our patients can see why they are ready (and perhaps more importantly, if they are not ready) with the feedback we give them.


Real-Time Overlay

Using a combination of three real-time data sources, HumanTrak is able to track the user and animate data overlays onto a real-time video feed, including balance lines, joint angles and joint loadings. This hyper-contextual data provides an unparalleled source of biofeedback to the user.

Pre-Loaded Tests

HumanTrak features a range of pre-loaded movement analysis tests, including balance/stability assessments, range of movement (RoM) tests and dynamic movement tests. These movements are assessed in real time, and key metrics are reported automatically upon completion.


Showing a top-down view of the patient, SwayTrak follows the knees and centre of mass (CoM) as they shift in real time during movement tests, providing valuable feedback on balance and stability.


Showing a side-on (saggital) view of the patient, SideTrak shows how the patient’s body moves and deviates from the centreline during movement tests, providing valuable feedback on posture and technique.

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As soon as you’ve finished testing a patient, one click automatically generates a comprehensive test report, including:

  • Photo snapshots from key points in each test
  • SwayTrak snapshots
  • SideTrak snapshots
  • Key results from each test


The HumanTrak system packs all this functionality into a briefcase-sized carry case, allowing you to pack up in under five minutes and take your movement assessment to your clients.
  • Custom HumanTrak Laptop
  • 4 x wearable IMU sensors
  • 3D Infrared Camera
  • Tripod
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