The NordBord (patent pending) is a fast, easy, accurate and reliable system for monitoring hamstring strength and imbalance

John Hartley

John Hartley

Injury Prevention Specialist, Aston Villa FC

“We regularly test our youth and senior players on the NordBord and GroinBar to see how they compare with research norms, other players and themselves. We look for fluctuations over time and, if needed, we adjust their training accordingly.”


Vald Performance Systems:

NordBord and GroinBar

Vald Performance Client Since:

2016-17 season (NordBord) / 2017-18 season (GroinBar)

Why do you use Vald Performance systems?

We use the NordBord and GroinBar for a range of reasons.

To understand how our players compare with evidence-based norms

To understand what consistutes “normal” for each of our players

To identify if and when our players deviate from what we expect, so that we can intervene and, where possible, avoid injury

There are many unknowns in our profession, but the NordBord and GroinBar help us put numbers to things we previously couldn’t, and are helping us understand our players better.

How do you use Vald Performance systems at Aston Villa?

We run regular testing using the NordBord and GroinBar:

Match day +2: GroinBar Hip Adduction/Adbduction, in supine position at the ankle

Match day +2: NordBord 30° Isometric test

Every 4-6 weeks, team-wide NordBord Nordic screening

Are there specific numbers you’re looking for in your testing?

For the NordBord, we look to the published literature – for example Timmins, et al 2015. Beyond that, we are primarily concerned with how players fluctuate relative to their own norms.

We work on a similar basis with the GroinBar, looking predominantly at team and intra-athlete fluctuations, moreso than fixed numbers. The exception to that is when looking at adduciton : abduction ratios, where we want everyone to ideally be between 1 : 1 and 1.2 : 1.

Do you look for interactions between Vald Performance systems and other data you collect?

We’ve done some very interesting investigations, the most recent of which compared movement quality screening, GroinBar adduction/abduction testing and post-match recovery. We found that the players who move more efficiently seem to recover better from matches, as indicated by maintaining their GroinBar scores better than those who move less efficiently.

We’re always looking for correlations and comparisons between our key measures to see whether there’s a new insight we can uncover.

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Alicia Whiticker

Alicia Whiticker

Exercise Physiologist, One Point Health

“We use the NordBord for testing, training and rehabilitation across a range of different patients, from elite athletes to social athletes and people just trying to stay in shape. It allows us to tailor our treatments to our patients’ specific needs”

One Point Health

Vald Performance Systems:


Vald Performance Client Since:


Why do you use the NordBord?

We treat a range of patients, from elite athletes to those just trying to stay in shape and everything in between, so hamstring injuries are fairly common for us. We use the NordBord for testing, training and rehabilitation, so it allows us to profile, prevent and treat our patients according to their own deficits.

Are there specific numbers you’re looking for in your testing?

We set different goals and look at different metrics depending on the type of patient we’re working with.

For athletes, we want to see them above 300 N on each leg at a minimum.

For patients with existing or prior hamstring, ACL or other lower-limb injuries, we’re looking predominantly at imbalance, and whether that imbalance correlates with the injured limb.

Taking these metrics is really quick and easy, so it means we can create and adjust our exercise and treatment plans regularly.

How is the NordBord typically used in an appointment?

As with everything we do, this is tailored to the patient. However a good example is how we would run an appointment with an injured patient. As the NordBord only takes a minute or so to run a test, typically we would:

Test the patient at the start of the session, to see what their strength and imbalance looks like; then

Run through a treatment, addressing the injury with specific excercises and therapies; then

At the end of the session, test the patient on the NordBord again, to see if their results have changed. Have they fatigued? Has their imbalance shifted?

Are there any other unique ways you use the NordBord?

Apart from normal nordic and isometric testing on the NordBord, we’ll get creative with our tests as well, in order to assess the hamstrings in different movements and give some variety to our patients.

We also regularly take the NordBord to exhibitions and fairs, and we’ll run hamstring strength competitions for people who drop by to find out more about One Point Health’s services!

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