• Title: Acute Injuries in Track and Field Athletes: A 3-year Observational Study at the Penn Relays Carnival With Epidemiology and Medical Coverage Implications

  • Author/s: Opar (@davidopar), Drenzer, Shield (@das_shield),  Webner, Sennett, Kapur, Cohen, Ulager, Cafengiu, Cronholm.

  • Year: 2015

  • Question: What is the incidence of injury in track and field?

  • Key Takeaway: Up to 60% of hamstring muscle strains were recurrent in the track and field population.

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  • Summary: Penn Relays is one of the largest track and field events in the world, what a perfect time to observe injury incidence.

    Key Findings:

    • Throughout the study period 48,473 competing athletes participated in the Penn Relays Carnival, and 436 injuries were sustained.
    • The 4x400m was the most injurious event out of all the large participating events analysed.
    • Male Athletes were more likely to suffer a hamstring strain rather than female athletes
    • 60% of hamstring injuries that occurred were recurrent injuries.