• Title: Reduced biceps femoris myoelectrical activity influences eccentric knee flexor weakness after repeat sprint running

  • Author/s: Timmins, (@ryan_timmins),  Opar (@davidopar), Williams (@drmorgs), Schache, Dear, and Shield (@das_shield)

  • Year: 2014

  • Question: How does repeated sprint running effect the hamstring muscles?

  • Key Takeaway: Reductions in muscle strength were consistent with reduced myoelectric activity.

  • Summary: Seventeen recreationally active men were put through their paces with a repeated sprinting protocol with measures of maximal isokinetic strength taken before and after the running in addition to sEMG.

    Key Findings: 

    • Following repeat sprint running there was a decline in eccentric knee flexor strength that was related to a significant decline in the myoelectrical activity of the BF.
    • Declines in BF myoelectrical activity following repeat sprint running and its role in the aetiology of HSIs still require further attention.
    • There were no changes to Concentric BF and all MH myoelectrical activity.