• Title: The financial cost of hamstring strain injuries in the Australian Football League

  • Author/s: Hickey (@JackHickey89)Shield (@das_shield)Williams (@drmorgs)Opar (@davidopar), 

  • Year: 2014

  • Question: What is the financial cost of HSI in the AFL?

  • Key Takeaway: HSIs are costing AFL clubs a huge amount of money in wages alone.

  • Summary: What is the financial cost of a hamstring strain injury (HSI)? The impact of HSIs in sport is often expressed as regular season games missed due to injury, however the financial cost of athletes missing games due to injury has not been investigated. As of the year 2012, the average cost of a single HSI was $A40 021. The observations made from this study further highlight the need to develop and implement effective injury prevention strategies to maximise the return on investment in athletes.

    Key Findings: 

    • Hamstring strain injuries (HSIs) have remained the most prevalent injury in the Australian football league (AFL) over the past 21 regular seasons.
    • Across the observed period, average yearly financial cost of HSIs per club increased by 71% compared to a 43% increase in average yearly athlete salary.
    • Over the same time period the average financial cost of a single HSI increased by 56% from $25,603 in 2003 to $40,021 in 2012, despite little change in HSI rates during the period.