• Title: Is there a potential relationship between prior hamstring strain injury and increased risk for future anterior cruciate ligament injury?

  • Author/s: Opar (@davidopar) & Serpell

  • Year: 2014

  • Question: Do the functional deficits that occur after HSI result in an increased risk of ACL injury?

  • Key Takeaway: It remains to be seen if the deficits in function after HSI, as seen in laboratory-based studies, translate to deficits in hamstring function during typical injurious tasks for ACL injury and should be a consideration for future work

  • Summary: A clinical commentary that presents the evidence suggesting the link between previous HSI and increased risk of ACL injury and detailing how this requires further investigation.

    Key Findings:

    • The prevention of HSIs and ACL injuries is of great concern in elite sporting environments; however, consideration of the effect of HSI on potential ACL injury has not been investigated.
    • The authors propose maladaptation associated with a prior HSI could result not only in an increased risk of HSI recurrence, but also in an elevated risk of ACL injury.
    • Future work should consider the examination of athletes with a history of hamstring injury to determine whether functional deficits related to the previously injured hamstring affect markers considered important for ACL injury