Vald Performance is proud to announce the recipients of its inaugural Early Career Research (ECR) Grant:

DR. JOANNE KEMP (@JoanneLKemp)


Dr. Kemp will use the ECR grant to investigate the links and correlations between groin pain, hip strength (using the GroinBar), a number of other physical tests and MRI results in a youth Australian Rules Football cohort, with the goal of improving development, prevention and treatment practices in developing athletes.



Dr. Casartelli will use the ECR Grant to investigate gender differences in hip strength (using the GroinBar) in patients with OA and FAI syndrome, as well as associations with underlying hip morphology.

Vald Performance would like to thank all researchers who applied for the ECR Grant.  The application process was extremely competitive, with the Vald Performance Research Committee selecting Dr. Kemp and Dr. Casartelli for their proposed studies’ excellence in the following areas:

  • Feasibility and practicality;
  • Scientific merit and potential contribution to the field; and
  • Innovation and novelty.

We look forward eagerly to seeing these research projects progress and to watching Dr. Kemp and Dr. Casartelli stamp their authority on the domain over the coming years.

Background on the Vald Performance Early Career Research (ECR) Grant

At Vald Performance, we have long supported research in sporting and clinical populations to help identify injury risk, to guide rehabilitation and to determine effectiveness of interventions.  This grant provides the opportunity to carry on that tradition, with the aim of funding the work of early career researchers with a specific emphasis on the shoulder, hip/groin, ACL or hamstring injury.

Successful applicants are eligible to receive up to $10,000 as well as access to Vald Performance products for the duration of the grant, as well as guidance and mentorship from the Vald Research Committee.