Vald Performance launches its first Early Career Research (ECR) Grant for aspiring researchers in the fields of sport and clinical practice.

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At Vald Performance, we have long supported research in sporting and clinical populations to help improve performance, identify injury risk, guide rehabilitation and determine effectiveness of interventions.

On 10th September, 2018, Vald Performance launched the ECR Grant to carry on that tradition, with the aim of funding the work of early career researchers with a specific emphasis on the shoulder, hip/groin, ACL or hamstring injury.

Not only will the successful applicants be eligible for a maximum value per grant of $10,000, they will also have full access to Vald Performance products and guidance from the Vald Research Committee for the duration of the grant.

Successful applicants receive:
+ $10,000 toward eligible project expenditure;
+ Full access to Vald Performance’s product suite; and
+ Guidance from the Vald Performance Research Committee


The reason for Vald Performance launching the ECR grant is twofold.

  1. Since the inception of the NordBord we have benefitted from the hard work and rigour of early career researchers, who have helped develop, guide and prove our products’ effectiveness.  Now, we want to give back to the scientific community and help the next generation of researchers build their careers.
  2. We are aware that the need for academic rigour in sports and health technology is only increasing.  As technologies improve and emerge and practitioners become more and more advanced, the bar for accuracy, reliability and validity must also be set higher and higher.  For this, we will continue to need early career researchers to challenge us and teach us where and how we can improve.

We have already been inundated with EOI applications for Stage 1 of the ECR Grant process, with applications closing at 11:59pm AEST, Sunday 30th September 2018. The selection panel will then identify successful applicants to proceed to Stage 2, where the final grants will be awarded.

Expression of Interest Applications close:
11:59pm AEST, Sunday 30th September 2018


To find out more or to apply for the Vald Performance ECR Grant, please contact

Otherwise, stay tuned for the announcement of our winning ECR Grant recipients!