Short biceps femoris fascicles and eccentric knee flexor weakness increase the risk of hamstring injury in elite football (soccer): a prospective cohort study

Another piece of research gold from the research team, showing the link between biceps femoris fascicle length, eccentric strength/weakness and injury risk – powerful stuff.  This paper formed the thesis of Ryan Timmins, backed by NordBord inventors Dr. David Opar and Dr. Tony Shield. http://bjsm.bmj.com/content/early/2015/12/16/bjsports-2015-095362.abstract

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Does Strength in the Nordic Hamstring Exercise Predict Hamstring Injury? (via SlideShare)

Here is a slideshow delivered by NordBord inventor Dr. Anthony Shield to some of the world’s largest and influential sporting teams.  While Tony’s work in the area spans decades, this is a great synopsis of some of his and the QUT-ACU Hamstring Injury Group’s most recent research and findings.  Check it out here. Vald Performance is incredibly proud [...]

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Eccentric Hamstring Strength and Hamstring Injury Risk in Australian Footballers

Here the QUT-ACU Hamstring Injury Group uses NordBord prototypes to predict the likelihood of hamstring injuries in AFL football players (full-text available upon request here). Purpose Is eccentric hamstring strength and between limb imbalance in eccentric strength, measured during the Nordic hamstring exercise, a risk factor for hamstring strain injury (HSI)? Methods Elite Australian footballers [...]

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