The NordBord is the result of years of research into hamstring injuries, culminating in a spark of an idea.

Exercise science researchers Dr. Anthony Shield of Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and his former PhD student Dr. David Opar, now of Australian Catholic University (ACU), have long been exploring the mechanisms of hamstring strain injury.  However, when they decided to look into eccentric hamstring strength and how it might relate to injury risk, they realised there was nothing available that could do so accurately, reliably and quickly.  So with Anthony’s creative lead, they built the first NordBord.

Based on the Nordic Hamstring Curl exercise, the NordBord allows this exercise to be quantified like never before.  Using advanced and miniaturised sensors, the NordBord can detect, collect and assess hamstring strength wirelessly and in real time as an athlete performs a Nordic Hamstring Curl.

The Nordic Hamstring Curl has been shown to be an effective and safe method of training eccentric hamstring strength, and is already used by many of the world’s leading sporting teams.  This makes it the perfect method for testing hamstring strength, and with the help of the NordBord, also the fastest.  An athlete can be tested on the NordBord in as little as 30 seconds, compared with as much as 15 minutes using isokinetic dynamometry.  And, while hand-held dynamometers may rival the NordBord for speed, when it comes to accuracy and reliability, it leaves them in the dust.

The sporting world has been telling us for a while that it wants the NordBord, and Vald Performance is here to deliver it.  Vald Performance was founded by QUT in 2014 for the sole purpose of taking the NordBord to market, and we expect to do so by late 2015.  Watch this space.